Monster Reach Explainer Video... Why are they so important?

this is all from experience at the moment, the explainer videos are worth it.

Selling is about storytelling, and videos are a great way to share a story.
People need information to make informed decisions. Videos that engage people by telling a story in which the viewer can image themselves are an extremely effective way of demonstrating the benefits of your products or services.

Video marketing can help you share your story
Imagine a video of someone actually using your product! Rather than a video which is simply a demonstration of how the product or service works, think of a story you can create around the experience of using that product or service. One of the golden rules of branding is to make the customer the center of the stories your brand tells. Showing customers how someone might engage with your product throughout the day is a great way for people to imagine themselves using it.

Videos keep people on your website longer and engage them with your content.
Short, informative videos keep people engaged with your content significantly longer than text and pictures. In fact, people stay on websites with videos 60% longer than sites with just text and pictures. Google likes pages where people spend time, which they refer to as “dwell” time.

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